KolegaIndo Accelerator & Incubator

Kolegaindo assists valuable startups to escalate their business in Indonesia

Accelerator Services

Business Roadshows
We will stipulate the new partners with a great insight of the Indonesian market 
Begin with a two-weeks roadshow during which we set up meetings with appropriate key decision makers. Our new partners only have to attend, will be updated on who we are meeting with, and we also ensure all of the follow-ups after the meetings.

Developing relationships and figuring out which potential clients need to be on board are crucial steps at this stage, and this is something that we are particularly well-positioned for, having local presence in the regions and having done this for the last 16 years.
We basically work as an extension of our partners’ company, and we are able to hit the ground running with an established team and network in the region which can be leveraged from the beginning.

Once the business is off to a decent start in the region, we will work with our partners to foster a sustainable and profitable organisation; this could mean a number of things: setting up a local entity, hiring local staffs.
In a number of cases, we stay on board for a prolonged period as Business Developer.

Incubator services

help startups grow and succeed

Why should apply to KolegaIndo?

Sourcing startups' technology

Conducting extensive company and market research as part of the due diligence process to maximize investor returns.

Fractional Executives

Work with fractional executives that have gone through our due diligence screening (2% acceptance rate).

Sourcing investment funding for start-ups

Developing sales collateral to help secure funding Sourcing investors/ investment capital Contract negotiations


No commitments or upfront costs. Cancel anytime. Pay with equity, cash, or a mix of both.

Providing end-to-end sales & marketing support

Sales strategy for clients, Operational sales support (new business development & sales support), Sales team, Brand and marketing strategy.

All in One

We'll put together the right pieces to grow your business. Easily scale your needs up or down.

Relocation services

We support relocation services into Indonesia market for short period to longer period time. Guarantee to deliver with high quality, reliable, accurate, transparency, fast responsive and aim cost as well as time efficiency in finding quality places for your needs

Expatriate Support Services
• Introduction Consultation
• City Orientation and Home Serach
• School Search and Placement
• Tenancy Management
• Settling-in services

Client Support Services
• Cost & Budget Estimations
• Commercial Office Space & Office equipment & services
• Outsourced human resource services
• Conference, Meeting & Event Management
• Recruitment & Payroll management

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Expertise in developing the new businesses opportunities for our new partners and help startups grow as well as succed

Yudhi Himawan
Denny Hadiwinata
Managing Director